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Welcome to the third issue of the Frankfurt Academy Quarterly (FAQ), on all-media/multimedia topics.

FAQ: All Media/ Multimedia: PDF Download


Holger Volland is VP Media Industries at the Frankfurt Book Fair and head of the Frankfurt Academy

Three publishers, three opinions on multimedia content. Do they find that the publishing business is becoming more international? Who are some of their new business partners? How is the rights business changing? How do they (really) earn their money? Which books would they like to read, listen to and watch in multimedia form? We’ll answer these questions and more in our “Three is a crowd” section, featuring three international industry experts – Gus Balbontin of Lonely Planet, Nils-Holger Henning from the games manufacturer Bigpoint and Deborah Forte of Scholastic Media.

In “Trending Topics”, we’ll take a look at the world of social media publishing, because if multimedia content is increasingly becoming one thing, it’s interactive. It’s creating a world of user generated content that startups like Sourcefabric are putting to good use. For the Czech-German company, the resourceful support of professional journalism is a greater priority than profit. And not to mention, this global company has created publishing tools that make Sourcefabric one of the biggest players in open source software.

Our “Serendipity” section is all about outsider perspectives and chance encounters. Start-ups currently leading the digital revolution will be the highlight of the Tech Tour, which is being organised for June 2012 by the Frankfurt Book Fair’s New York office. Inkling CEO Matt MacInnis is convinced that “no industry is riper for the picking” by venture capitalists than the publishing industry. Especially in these global times, he finds that location is everything: “If you’re a technology start-up, you need to be in Silicon Valley”.

The Frankfurt Academy was launched last year in Frankfurt with more than 3,000 participants from over 50 countries. The Mind Network is expanding this year and the Academy is becoming even more international, with the result that you can also meet all of the interview partners featured in our FAQ issue at our forthcoming global Frankfurt Academy conferences: In Beijing at the StoryDrive China Conference as well as at the professional trip “Exclusive Games“,  in New York at the Children’s Publishing Conference; in New York and San Francisco on the Tech Tour; or in Buenos Aires at TOC Latin America.

Enjoy your read of our third issue of the Frankfurt Academy Quarterly, which you can also download as a PDF here – and join the discussion here on our Frankfurt Academy Blog!

Holger Volland


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