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Making Contacts, not Signing Contracts

At this morning’s First Timer Seminar, the Frankfurt Academy’s Mind Network featuring the Book Fair’s own Mechthild Bartel and Rights Director for Editions Gallimard Anne-Solange Noble provided important tips for making the experiences of the first time Book Fair attendees (and even some previous fairgoers) more profitable and efficient.

Providing attendees with a look at some of the highlights of this year’s Fair and where to have questions answered was especially helpful, but one of the most useful pieces of advice was how long it takes to get everywhere.  With packed meeting schedules, it’s important to leave at least 15 minutes to get to another hall.  If it’s in the same hall, you might require less time, but if you miss your 30-minute window with someone, you could miss an important opportunity.

Noble noted for first timers that Frankfurt “isn’t just a German fair, it is a true multi-lateral fair where a Turk could buy a book from a Swede.  The opportunities are extraodinary and bewildering.”  Because of the myriad opportunities, it is important to both plan ahead, but also take advantage of as much as you can while you are here…oh and eat nuts and raisins because who knows when you might get to the front of the line at the food cart.

Noble went on to note one of the most important factors about the Book Fair–making personal contact. “Frankfurt is not about signing contracts, it is about making that contact that will help you sign the contract in three months,” said Noble.  By creating those personal relationships, one can create a stronger, better business both now and for future Fairs.